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Othodontiste Paris Invisalign

DR A. SEYED MOVAGHAR and R. MOVAGHAR welcome you to their Orthodontic clinic located 16 rue Rosenwald in Paris. Their practice is exclusive to Orthodontics.

To make an appointment with the Drs. A. SEYED MOVAGHAR and R. MOVAGHAR:

  • 01 40 45 04 86
  • Monday to Saturday.
  • Spoken languages: French, English.
  • Disabled access.

Our orthodontic clinic:

  • Child orthodontics including child orthopedics, child interceptive orthodontics, classic child and adolescent orthodontics (vestibular multi-attachment orthodontics, child lingual orthodontics, INVISALIGN), and finally the preprosthetic orthodontics of the child.
  • Adult orthodontics including invisible and aesthetic orthodontics such as adult lingual orthodontics, aesthetic orthodontics using INVISALIGN, vestibular aesthetic orthodontics, preprosthetic orthodontics of the adult, and finally, the pre-surgical orthodontics of adults or young adults.

The orthodontics of Paris are equipped with the latest-generation radiology device to perform conventional orthodontic x-rays (teleradiographies) and dental panoramic of a very high precision within the office. These snapshots are diagnostic elements essential to the treatment of a child and adult orthodontics; as well as, detection of any caries. In particular, they orient the orthodontist on the movements to be expected during the treatment. The implementation of this radiology equipment within the cabinet facilitates; allows an immediate diagnosis, whereby the patient no longer needs to move to another facility. This saves our patients valuable time and adds to comfort.

Child orthodontics in our clinic :

The orthodontics of the child is an important part of the activity in an orthodontic clinic. The techniques have been simplified, reducing pain and allowing children a better cooperation in orthodontics. The appearance of new invisible and aesthetic techniques such as INVISALIGN technique makes it possible to treat children and teenagers who do not want fasteners or those who practice wind instruments such as clarinets. A first consultation in orthodontics of the child is often necessary from the age of 7 years to detect a narrow upper jaw, a prognathism, retrognathism, a lack of space and malpositions or anterior open bite. Interceptive child orthodontics can correct skeletal and functional abnormalities (atypical deglutition, lingual drive, digital suction ...) in the first phase of treatment. In a second step, multi-attachment child orthodontics can correct dentoalveolar malpositions, allowing a perfect occlusion and stability in the treatment. An alternative to the child's multi-attachment orthodontic treatment is the technique "INVISALIGN Teen" which allows to align the teeth without attachments and to perform the orthodontic treatment of children and adolescents in an aesthetic and almost invisible way. A phase of contention is necessary at the end of orthodontic treatment of the child, allowing to stabilize the results.

For more details, you can refer to the Orthodontics section under the heading "Orthodontics of the child" on our website.

Here are some examples of cases treated in children's orthodontics :

  • Child orthodontic case treated with braces :

  • Child orthodontic case treated with INVISALIGN:

  • Child orthodontic case treated in lingual orthodontics:

Adult orthodontics in our orthodontic clinic in Paris

Our orthodontic clinic treats a large number of adult orthodontic patients who have not been able to benefit from prior orthodontic treatment, or who have recurred after a child orthodontic treatment performed in adolescence. The complexity of adult orthodontics lies in the presence of numerous extractions and / or prosthetic restorations and / or abrasions of dental surfaces, thus complicating the treatment plan and the technical difficulty. The MOVAGHAR Doctors, orthodontists in Paris, are at the forefront of modern technologies that make it possible to practice invisible and aesthetic adult orthodontics. Adult orthodontics require special requirements because the adult has often benefited from orthodontic treatment in adolescence and the decision to undertake a new orthodontic treatment has become possible thanks to a positive psychological reflection that the new techniques of adult orthodontics allow: lingual orthodontics and treatment INVISALIGN by successive transparent gutters. These techniques make up invisible and aesthetic orthodontics and are very popular with patients who want to perform adult orthodontic treatment to improve their smile and chewing function. Adult orthodontics can be used to resolve prognathism, retrognathism, narrow jaws, dental bulges and rotations, and dental mesioversions (pre-prosthetic orthodontics in adults). The orthodontics of the adult represents a large part of the activity of our orthodontic clinic, particularly because of the development of invisible and aesthetic orthodontic techniques.


  • Adult orthodontic case treated with aesthetic attachments:

Lingual orthodontics in our orthodontic clinic in Paris

Lingual orthodontics is the only totally invisible treatment: it is therefore aesthetic and invisible orthodontics since the attachments are glued to the inside of the teeth. After the individualized study of each case, specific impressions are made for the fabrication of the orthodontic lingual aesthetic and invisible treatment fasteners. The technique of lingual orthodontics used in the office implements the latest generation of fasteners, which are in gold (for reasons of precision of the fasteners). The wires are bent in this technique of lingual orthodontics "Incognito" by the robot allowing precision and individualization of the treatment of lingual orthodontics. Lingual orthodontics is an aesthetic and invisible technique mainly used in adult orthodontics. In a number of well-selected cases, it is possible to treat lingual orthodontics with serious children and adolescents. For more information on lingual orthodontics, you can refer to the Orthodontics section under " Adult orthodontics - Aesthetic orthodontics"on our website.

Here are 2 cases of adult orthodontics treated in lingual orthodontics:

  • Adult preprosthetic orthodontic case:

  •  Case of adult orthodontic congestion:

INVISALIGN technique in our orthodontic clinic in Paris

INVISALIGN is an aesthetic orthodontic technique that allows you to perform invisible orthodontic treatment through the use of a number of invisible transparent gutters. The success of the treatment INVISALIGN depends on the number of hours of wearing of each series of invisible gutters that is to say 300 hours every two weeks or about 20 hours per day. Orthodontics by INVISALIGN is mainly used in adult orthodontic treatment. The technique INVISALIGN , invisible and aesthetic can in a number of well chosen cases, be used in orthodontics of the child to treat serious and cooperative adolescents. Advances in research today make it possible to treat a very large number of cases by the technique INVISALIGN , we can even treat surgical cases in INVISALIGN technique. It is now possible to perform axis correction techniques INVISALIGN as well as treat cases of open bite and overbite.

For more information on the technique INVISALIGN , you can refer to the section "Orthodontics" under "Invisible orthodontics - Invisalign"on our site.

Practitioners of the orthodontic clinic of Paris are "DIAMOND PROVIDER II" that is to say that they are very experienced in the practice INVISALIGN and treat many cases in technical INVISALIGN .


  • Case of orthodontic obstruction treated in INVISALIGN technique:

Specificity of our orthodontic clinic in Paris

Adult orthodontics in Paris requires the use of invisible and aesthetic techniques to treat more patients in adult orthodontics, the latter being very concerned about the aesthetic and invisible aspect of their treatment. 'orthodontics. These invisible and aesthetic techniques are: INVISALIGN treatment and lingual orthodontics well developed in our Paris orthodontic clinic. Some well-selected cases of child orthodontics can also be treated by aesthetic and invisible techniques such as the " INVISALIGN teen" treatment and lingual orthodontics .

Teletransmission and orthodontics

In our orthodontic clinic, teletransmission is carried out with the vital card for child orthodontics. Adult orthodontics are not reimbursed by Social Security, so there is no teletransmission in this case but we can establish invoices for reimbursement of adult orthodontic treatment by mutuals.

Patient Opinion on the Paris Orthodontic Practice

Patient Opinion in Child Orthodontics

"After a year of treatment lost in a closet next to Dr. Movaghar's, my parents and I finally decided to go to him for treatment, I've been treated for three years, and my treatment is everything. Just to finish, I now have a perfect smile, I recommend Dr. Movaghar to all those who want effective treatment and a visible result in the first few months! "

"Dr. Movaghar Reza, has been following my daughter Nessrine since she was 6 years old and the work that she did is just incredible, it allowed my daughter to improve a gap and thanks to him, she was able to to operate vegetations, and it has changed his life, he will have to still support my daughter because his care is not yet finished, Dr. Movaghar Reza is very sweet, patient with children, thank you to the doctor, I really recommend this practitioner."

Patient Opinion in Lingual Adult Orthodontics

"In addition to being welcoming and warm, Dr. Movaghar is very efficient and competent, and in less than 6 months, and thanks to lingual orthodontics , my teeth were completely crooked to the point where I was hiding them. smiling, have become very beautiful and perfectly aligned.Today I smile full teeth because I'm proud of it :-))) By cons it must be patient at the beginning time to adapt to the device and speak a max in order to relearn how to articulate correctly. "

"Although everything has already been well summarized in the other comments, it is only necessary to repeat that this office is strongly recommended to all people wishing to find the smile.An impressive result after a few months of treatment only and the Apparently we do not notice it once accustomed, that is to say in a few weeks.Only regret - not having taken appointment earlier! In addition to a more than satisfactory result, Dr. Movaghar is very professional always at the listen to the patient, do not hesitate! "

"I really wanted to recommend Dr. MOVAGHAR to all those who are still reluctant to have a device installed.I have seen spectacular changes in my dentition through the lingual technique.You will be quickly satisfied because progress is made very quickly I also wanted to emphasize the excellent quality / price ratio which is for me a decisive criterion in this kind of treatment Thanks to Dr. MOVAGHAR who helped me to be more comfortable thanks to a nice smile. "

-Patient Opinion in INVISALIGN Adult Orthodontics

INVISALIGN with Dr. Movaghar A year and a half ago, I consulted Dr. Movaghar for orthodontic treatment, my teeth were overlapping and my front teeth were very advanced. the appearance of my teeth and the shape of my mouth for many years I wanted an invisible treatment and not too restrictive Dr. Movaghar offered me the treatment INVISALIGN and I must say that I I was not disappointed to follow his advice After about 18 months of treatment with INVISALIGN ™ gutters , my teeth are completely aligned and there is no longer any overlap My colleagues never noticed I was very happy with the overall aesthetic result from Dr. Movaghar's treatment and medical accompaniment, so it's great to be able to smile uncomplicated with beautiful aligned teeth. "

"Excellent performance, I do an invisalign treatment for almost a year and the result is impressive I never thought to get such a result as quickly seen the state of my teeth before treatment. I highly recommend Dr Reza Movaghar for his professionalism, his skills and also his sympathy. "

"I had a treatment" INVISALIGN ", they are transparent gutters that should be worn as much as possible and just take them off to eat and brush their teeth, I had them for a little more a year and a half (now I just have transparent gutters just for the night for stabilization) I waited years before taking care of my teeth because I was afraid of pain and it was ugly ... And I had neither one nor the other since it is neither painful nor visible! My entourage and I were surprised by the very positive and very fast result, so I recommend this treatment. as well as, of course, Dr. R.Movaghar and his cabinet, he is very good and very patient with his patients.No doubts to have, you can go there with confidence! "

"Doctor super patient, pleasant and listening to his patients which is very important to me. I am an invisalign treatment for 5 months and I already see a big change. Not painful and not visible, without stress, it is a perfect treatment."