Practical information

"I'm going to have a device installed. Will I have pain? For how long. Thank you. "

In general, the installation of the device (conventional rings) is not painful. At the level of the bottom teeth (molars), the patient will experience it as having food jammed between the teeth. However; for a few days, patient may experience sensitivities in the teeth when chewing or clenching. Otherwise the installation of lingual device is not painful.

"Are there any precautions to take during my treatment?"

Food precautions: avoid hard and sticky foods, avoid chewing gums, no carambar, no biting an apple, no sandwich or baguette and avoid other chewable foods i.e. steaks.
Do not bite your nails or nibble on pens; as there is a risk of resorption at the root of the teeth and this can compromise the durability of the teeth. To stop biting your nails, there are bitter varnishes that can be bought in pharmacies, which are applied to the nails.
To stop biting your nails, there are bitter varnishes that can be bought in pharmacies, to apply on the nails.

"I'm going to have a lingual device (inside). Will that bother me? "

These genes are not important with our devices; because we use the "incognito" fasteners, which are fine and adapted to each individual.

"I'm 20 years old and would like to have alignment treatment. Am I entitled to a refund from the security? Thanks »

No, there is no refund from social security after the age of 16. However; you may be entitled to a have a refund from your mutual.

"I have a camera for a week. It hurts my cheek? What should I do? "

You can apply wax on the irritating area; but if injury persists, please call your orthodontist.

"My son has been on a camera for 5 months and he does not brush his teeth very much. What are the risk?"

It can cause carious lesions in the teeth (brown spots) or precarious lesions (white spots). At the level of the gum, there are risks of gingivitis which manifests by swelling and bleeding of the gums. You need to motivate your son, otherwise it is better to stop the treatment.

Do you accept CMU?

Yes for patients under 16 Indeed, the Social Security fully supports the semester if the treatment is started before the age of 16, for all conventional equipment.
It is necessary to bring the vital card and the certificate CMU.