Rules to follow

Stop pernicious habits

Thumb sucking, cuddly toys, nibbling of nails, pencils ...

Hygiene tips

It is advisable to use a soft toothbrush. There are special brushes for orthodontics; although these aren't essential, the use of interdental brushes is recommended. Brush your teeth and gums after each meal and press hard enough. If the brushing is insufficient, it will lead the gum to swell, become red and bleed. In the latter case, it will be necessary to brush the teeth thoroughly and use chlorhexidine mouthwash; bleeding and inflammation will disappear within 7 to 10 days.

Tips on food

  1. Avoid sticky and hard foods, chewing gum, carambar, nougat and sweets.
  2. Do not bite on apples, baguette or sandwiches (bread is allowed).
  3. Do not bite on chewy meat; otherwise, the fasteners will break and/or peel off and this will prolong length of treatment.

Respect appointments

If appointment are missed, it may be difficult to find quick alternative. The will result in treatment being a little prolonged. We must keep the box of appointments and bring it to each control.

The elastics

What's the point? : They make it possible to adjust the offsets, to refocus and to set the meshing of the teeth.
How to put them?  : Follow the instructions of the orthodontist. It is very important to wear the elastics correctly as instructed.

Dental visits

Go to your dentist twice a year to avoid cavities.

To know

After each session, the teeth can be sensitive and slightly painful. Do not hesitate to take an analgesic (pain medication) that your orthodontist has prescribed for you, DOLIPRANE for example


  • A bottom ring that moves? : Wait for your next appointment and if it has fallen, think about bringing it back to your next appointment.
  • Loss of an elastomeric or metallic ligature? : Wait for your next appointment.
  • A bow coming out of the bottom ring? : Put it back in the tube with tweezers if it is a soft thread and in case you can not, contact your orthodontist.
  • Torron of unfolded metal ligature? : Cover it with wax and wait for your next appointment.
  1. A thread that protrudes? : Cover it with wax and if you feel uncomfortable, call your orthodontist.
  2. A loose clip? : Cover it with wax and wait for your next appointment.