Administrative aspects

Refunds for orthodontic treatment

The processing fee covers an active period of treatment. They may depend on the case difficulty. They usually include the installation of the applicances and regular check-ups regardless of the number and frequency of appointments. A fee quote will be given to the patient. Social Security provides reimbursement for orthodontic treatment for patients under 16 years of age. This requires that a prior agreement should be established before the patient's 16th birthday.

As an indication

Here is an indication of the various social security reimbursements & nbsp;:

  • Diagnosis: 43 Euros (Codification: TO 20)
  • Orthodontic semester: 193,50 Euros (Codification: TO 90)
  • First year of Retention: 161,50 Euros (Codification: TO 75)

Attention: Social security repayments only occur at the end of the semester. The patient must then turn to his mutual for possible additional refund. Adult patients have no reimbursement from Social Security except for one semester if it is a surgical case. They may have a refund from their mutual, depending on their insurance contract.