Orthodontic appliances

What is an orthodontic appliance?

A dental or orthodontic appliance refers to any means by which the orthodontist can move a tooth or group of teeth for the purpose of correcting dentoskeletal dysmorphosis. The term "orthodontic" comes from the Greek ortho, which means right, and odontos, for tooth. It covers a practice also called dento-maxillofacial orthopedics which is the art of correcting or preventing deformities and malocclusions of the dental arches as well as dental malpositions.

  • Removable devices that can be removed and put back,
  • multiband devices.

Removable devices

We will give 5 commonly used examples.

  • screw plates or lingual allow widening of the dental arches.
orthodontiste-paris.org/plaques_à_verinorthodontiste-paris.org/plaque palatine d'expansion
  • Extra-oral forces are "night wear devices" consisting of a metallic bow on the molars and a cloth helmet. They are used to correct jaw discrepencies, including moving back the upper teeth when they are too far forward. To have a good efficiency, it is necessary to consult rather young (generally before 12 years) and to wear them between 12 and 14 hours a day.


  • Delaire's mask or Petit's mask: used to correct skeletal class III by retromaxillar discrepenc (upper jaw set back).


  • Activators are used to correct jaw discrepencies in the anteroposterior direction. For example, when the lower jaw is too far behind. To have a good effectiveness, it is necessary to consult rather young (between 7 and 11 years) and to wear them between 12 and 14 hours a day, (to know more to see also article movaghar et al., 2008, in our publications ).
  • ELN(Lingual Nocturnal Envelope) is used to rehabilitate the tongue, redirect the growth of the upper jaw, and treat anterior open bite (when the front teeth are not touching).

Multiband devices

These are fixed devices. They have bands on the posterior teeth, and rectangular brackets on the other teeth. Braces can be glued to the outside of the teeth or on the inside of the teeth (this is the lingual technique). On the left the metal braces, in the middle Incognito lingual braces, on the right of ceramic aesthetic braces much more discreet.


Invisalign: system of successive aligners

Invisalign treatment (Dr. R.MOVAGHAR AND A.SEYED MOVAGHAR, Orthodontists in Paris)

Treatment invisalign (Dr. R.MOVAGHAR AND A.SEYED MOVAGHAR, Orthodontists in Paris)