Why have one?

Aesthetic reasons: dental malpositions

Dental crowding cause a more or less embarrassing aesthetic concern. They can also eventually cause periodontal disease (gum disease) by food retention and plaque and scale deposits.

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Palatal bite

When the upper teeth are placed too much forward with respect to the lower teeth, the lower incisors collide with the retroinciser palatal mucosa (behind the upper teeth). A loosening of the upper anterior teeth can occur, causing bone loss that can cause anterior mobility.

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Difficult incision and chewing especially in cases of superior prognathism and significant lower retrognathism

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Risk of coronary fracture of upper incisors if they are too far forward after a fall

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Risk of installation of maxillofacial bone asymmetry in case of posterior crossbite

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Risk of periodontal disease in cases of an openbites

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To bring vestibular and palatal impacted canines into place using mini-implants and / or sectional arches

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See the following article: Alireza Seyed Movaghar, Benoit Brochery, Reza Movaghar. Side and canine agenesis included. & nbsp; Surgical-orthodontic placement. DENTAL INFORMATION n ° 14 - April 6, 2011.

Presence of supernumerary tooth (s)

presence of 3 upper incisors