Lingual orthodontics

The lingual appliance is the only totally invisible treatment; because attachments are bonded to the inside of the teeth and this gives the patient an impeccable aesthetic appearance.

After a complete and individual assessment for each patient, accurate silicone impressions are made for the custom manufacturing of aesthetic and invisible lingual braces.

Lingual orthodontics now makes it possible to treat all cases; from small crowdings, to open bite as well as cases of preimplantation adult orthodontics, impacted canines and surgical cases.

It is also possible to treat invisible and a esthetic lingual orthodontics, young adults or serious cooperating teenagers. The lingual orthodontic technique used in our practice, uses Incognito's latest generation of gold braces, allowing extremely precise processing thanks to the properties of noble materials.

Each lingual brace, is designed to fit on a given tooth: these are real "made to measure shoes" made on each tooth. The thickness of the braces is very low, allowing less discomfort for the tongue and speech and ensuring an invisible and aesthetic appearance.

The arches are also custom-made and bent by a robot, which makes it possible to obtain a very important precision for the various stages of invisible lingual orthodontic treatment.

Advantages of Lingual Orthodontics:
  • Invisible and aesthetic orthodontics.
  • Precision (because root and crown movement in lingual orthodontics).
  • Speed of alignment in lingual orthodontics, notably thanks to biomechanics (more efficient expansion and anterior SL system).
  • Less risk of decalcification in lingual orthodontics compared to conventional (external) vestibular orthodontics.
  • Speed and ease of recovery treatment (overbite) by invisible and aesthetic lingual orthodontics.
Disadvantages of Lingual Orthodontics:
  • Relatively high cost due to custom lab costs.
  • Tongue and speech discomfort for a few days for invisible lingual orthodontic treatment.
  • The obligation to cooperate by avoiding forbidden foods (crunchy, hard and sticky).
  • Difficulty in plaque control and brushing.
Example of arches being treated in lingual orthodontics in our office:

Here is a video showing a lingual orthodontic treatment: